There are a wealth of resources available for small businesses in Southeast Kansas.  

Montgomery County Action Council

Montgomery County Action Council collaborates with numerous entities including local municipalities and entities to streamline the small business development process.

So, whether you want to open a boutique or build a new product, our team is set to walk through the process with you and help determine which route will work best for your vision.

City of Independence

Independence is an industrial "hub” for Southeast Kansas and the home of many successful businesses that conduct business in a global market. Independence is in close proximity to major markets and draws a workforce from a population base of close to 200,000 people on a daily basis. 

If you are considering relocating or expanding your business in Independence, we are pleased to present two main industrial parks with available acreage for your business. We would also be pleased to work with you on alternate sites which may better suit the company's needs or have other advantages for your project.

Independence Chamber of Commerce

Independence is the place where you, your family and friends can attend the Pulitzer prize winning author William Inge Annual Theatre Festival along with famous playwrights and actors, plan a day of fun at Riverside Park, Ralph Mitchell Zoo and Riverside Beach Family Aquatic Center, or enjoy the week long Neewollah annual celebration.